Your equipment uptime is our priority. It is no secret that equipment downtime hurts productivity and ultimately affects your bottom line. Our Field Service Trucks are properly tooled to handle any surprises that may arise while in the field. All of our Field Service Technicians are full Journeyman Mechanics who are ticketed for both Off-Highway and On-Highway equipment. We are properly tooled to diagnose even the latest in sophisticated electronics, including Tier 4 systems.

Our Mobile Repair Trucks Include:

  • 5500 Series or Larger 4WD Trucks
  • 5,000LB or Larger Cranes
  • Laptops with Cat, Deere, and Hitachi Diagnostic Software and Manuals
  • Full Oil Evac Systems
  • Setup to boost up to 36 Volt Systems
  • On-Board Air Compressors and Welders
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling (Keeping Safety Mind)

Complete Repair Services:

  • Component Replacements
  • Undercarriage Repair and Replacements
  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Inspections
  • A/C System Service and Repair
  • Welding
  • Hydraulic System Repair and Replacement
  • Hydraulic System Upgrades
  • Installation of Attachments and Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
  • Equipment Servicing

Our Field Service Technicians are experienced on all makes and models of equipment. They are properly trained in work site safety and it is part of their job to obey our strict safety policies. We also understand that it is important to follow customer’s safety policies and processes while conducting business. Iron Edge is flexible and can easily conform to your safety policies.


Has a major component failed on you leaving you high and dry in the field? Not to worry. Our field service trucks are properly outfitted to replace any component in the field. Let our cranes do the heavy lifting. From Final Drives, to Hydraulic Pumps, to full Power Packs.

Not only can we get you back up and running on the job site, we can also source the most competitively priced and best backed replacement components in the industry. We offer both mobile field repair services and in shop services that require major repair work that can’t be done at the jobsite.

Contact us for more information on our component replacement services.


Our Field Service Trucks are properly tooled to complete all undercarriage repairs on site. Whether you require a small undercarriage repair or a full undercarriage replacement, let our experts provide you with solutions that help minimize your equipment downtime.

For information on our very competitively priced undercarriage parts and packages, contact our Parts Department.


At Iron Edge we understand that technology is constantly changing. We adapt to these changes by investing in all of the necessary diagnostic tooling and software.

We can plug directly into your machine to quickly troubleshoot problems and gain insight into your machines electronics. By doing this we take the guessing game out of the equation. In return you will experience less downtime and lower repair bills.


Whether you are looking to find out the current status of your equipment or require a proper inspection to help make a purchasing decision, we can put together an inspection report that is catered to your needs. Inspections are a great way for budgeting.

Contact our Service Department today to arrange one or multiple inspections. While you are there ask about our “Winter Inspection Programs.”


When the hot weather strikes, your Air Conditioning System becomes a key part of your machinery. It is important to keep your A/C System properly maintained so that it doesn’t let you down on the hottest of days. Iron Edge has all of the tools necessary to service and diagnose your A/C Systems.

Contact our Service Department to learn about our Spring A/C Service specials.


Iron Edge Equipment houses a Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild and Testing Facility. Our 40,000 ft.lbs. bench is capable of rebuilding even that largest of hydraulic cylinders. We have the capabilities to rebuild cylinders on ALL Heavy Construction Equipment as well as most Mining Equipment. We can handle both Single and Multi-Stage Hydraulic Cylinders. 5 Stage Box Hoist Cylinders? No problem. AND we aren’t limited to just the Heavy Construction and Mining sectors. We can rebuild cylinders from any piece of tooling or equipment. Do you have an outdated cylinder or are you unable to find any information on brand, model, serial number, etc.? No problem. We can offer custom made seal kits with an overnight turnaround. At Iron Edge we are flexible in meeting all of our customer’s needs. That is why we offer both OEM and Aftermarket solutions when it comes to rebuild parts.

Quality Control

Our facility also consists of a hydraulic test bench. We test all cylinders before they leave our facility. Should there be any issues we can catch them prior to the product going back into the customers hands. This can potentially eliminate extensive downtime. We also test all cylinders upon arrival to our facility. Given the flexibility of our setup, we can pinpoint exactly where all of the issues lie so that no problem areas are overlooked. Our Hydraulic Test bench does not limit us to just hydraulic cylinders. It is used to help troubleshoot issues with many other Hydraulic Systems and Components as well. This is just one more measure that Iron Edge uses for quality control to ensure that the job is complete prior to leaving our hands.

Minimized Downtime

At Iron Edge Equipment we truly understand the negative impact that downtime can have. By combining our Field and Shop Services with our Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild Facility we can offer extremely quick turnaround and very minimal downtime. In many situations we can offer removal, rebuild, and re-installation all in the same day. We can also provide pickup and drop-off services for cylinders near or far from our location.

Contact us today for more information or to book a cylinder in. Click here.


Maintaining your equipment at the proper intervals is crucial to increasing the longevity and reliability of your equipment. It is often easy to overlook these services. Let Iron Edge take care of these services for you. Our Service Trucks are rigged with full Oil Evac systems so that we can complete all of your necessary services in the field. We can also supply the parts necessary to complete these jobs.

Contact our Service Department to discuss a Custom PM (Preventative Maintenance) Plan for a designated machine or your entire fleet.